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Dear Tron Fandom

Yes, you. And you and you and—Yes, even you over there wondering if it’s safe to come into the fandom at all. Please, let me bend your ear a moment.

I’m sure that by now you’ve all heard about Uprising, in some way or another. Whether you were able to legally watch it or had to find some other way (if so I am among your number; make no mistake) isn’t the topic I’m trying to breach here. What I’m trying to say is this:

We can still save Uprising’s Grid. We still have a chance.

Join me (and many others) in voting on SMGO.TV to choose Tron: Uprising.

I know what you’re thinking: this won’t do any good. It won’t reach the execs and it’ll just languish until the end of eternity. Maybe, but let me tell you something. SMGO isn’t just a petition site like Change.org. They take what the fans want. They go to the top. They ask. And in this case, that’s all they can do—all we can do is get them there. Show them that we want our show back. 

As of writing this, Motorcity is also on SMGO’s table at 78.5% of needed votes reached. Uprising stands at 25.9%. We’re fandoms in arms. If we don’t stand together now, when we’re at what may be the last leap before either fall or flight…when will we?

The top 5 Petitions on Change.org totaled 9189 Signatures, all in favor of asking Disney for a renewal of either Tron or both shows. SMGO is asking for 2500 each. This is something we can do, so please. Start your engines. Get your bits and your bytes and your voxels and your pixels over there. Be you a fan of Motorcity, 1982!Tron, 2.0, Legacy, whichever incarnation of the Programs and Riders you’ve grown to love, add your voices to the fandom. Sign up, add your name to our own Uprising.

Don’t let the revolution end before it has a chance to start.

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